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Who Are We ? website is edited by INFORISK SA company.
INFORISK specializes in legal, judicial and financial information on companies.
INFORISK has formed to date the richest Moroccan companies database, the most reliable and up to date :


  • 550,000 balance sheets collected
  • 500,000 CEO & Associates
  • 320,000 company profiles
  • 150,000 legal events per year ...

RELIABLE : The available information on INFORISK platform is only based on the legal information that is to say official information.

UP TO DATE : INFORISK analysts update daily informations on company profiles (change of address, capital increases, sale of shares, liquidation ... ).

Thanks to its online consultation platform, INFORISK identifies competitors of your business, check the financial health of a future commercial partner, and select them on the basis of reliable informations.

Services offered by website provides access to an online directory service on over 200,000 Moroccan companies and get descriptive information about them : address, phone number, email contact, legal status and social capital, names of CEO. This service is interactive. If a field is not specified or the information is incorrect and that you have the information to fill it, so do not hesitate to benefit the user community, it will be grateful. also offers monitoring on companies of your choice (up to 10). You will receive alerting messages whenever the company of your choice is subject to changes . You can finally download PDF reports on Moroccan companies that interest you and get the information you need:
- Identity profile of the company: legal name , number RC ...
- INFORISK scoring about the risk of business failure
- Detailed balance sheets on different exercises
- CEO & Associates
- Event history (recovery liquidation, increased capital ... )
- Financial Analysis
- Banking and Accounting Ratios